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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Truth uncovered.

The question has been in my mind since morning's Ramaa Ma'am's class today.. How big hypocrites have we become today.. at one end we brag about our rich culture on the other hand we refuse to except the truths related to it.

Here is an example of the same..

As a fact there is a "Shivling" present in all the temples but have we ever been curious enough to find out what does it mean? 

I got the answer today "Shivling" in its true sense is the symbol of fertility and is made of two parts "Shalunka" and "Ling" where "Shalunka" is the female reproductive organ, which is the lower part of the of the "Shivling" and "Ling" is the male reproductive organ and is the upper part of the "Shivling." Thus, "Shivling" is actually a union of the two, which is also termed a sex. Also as a fact Shiva is being followed since the Vedic era, and therefore it can be seen that "Shivling" is present in the Indian culture since thousands of years.

Photo Courtesy: Google images
Yet, today we believe that sex is taboo and we think that talking about sex is as a sin. Even people do not utter the word sex, as bad connotations are associated with the same. How can we even think of progress and development for tomorrow when we are not even willing to accept our yesterday.


  1. by god u r gr8 yaar.....
    from vich side of ur brain u think haan???
    awasum!... :)

  2. thank u but it is my professors who have taught me :)