Some thoughts

Laying out my mind sometimes..

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Senseless and sensible..

Say what to say??
Think just something to think..
Wonder what to wonder??
Dream a cherished dream..
Pray what to pray??
Love just endless love..

Feel it know it..
Share it care for it..
Talk it out..
Let it out..

It shouldn't be left unsaid..
It shouldn't be left inside..

Tough it is tough..
But must be done..
A test to pass..
A task to be accomplished..

If unfinished, yearn how much ever
Its gone forever..


  1. aahan poetry haan.........
    kya baat hai drastic change haan kya ho gaya pune ja kar aapko??
    i can c u in different colours........
    thats really cool :)

  2. talk it out..
    let it out...
    is this really you..??

  3. Good work Alisha...keep it up!