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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

All this for humanity!!

It is astounding to see how we as humans can be so inhumane, its ironic isn't it? But the irony is true. "We humans are inhumane!" 

What I presented above is the conclusion of my observations; but, then again as Shakespeare says the end is not important what is important is how did you reach at that end.

So, that brings me to my observations which lead to this conclusion..
I recently watched a film the boy in striped pajamas.. The film was based on Nazi concentration camp and it shows how inhumane can we be. The documentary night and fog added to my knowledge about the concentration camp. The Nazi's killed 6 million jews and 12 million people in all. Is that how low we can stoop down on the assumption of being superior? It disgusts me!

That happened years ago what about today where we still have caste system widely prevailing in our country? Or what about how we as well educated individuals treat the workers.

Do we still have to fight for Human Rights? Are we so low in our thinking? Discrimination in every possible place is seen in our country only.

All this for being human....