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Monday, 17 June 2013

Are we Superior?

Man is at the top of the food chain. We can therefore, logically eat anything below us. We do too, no denying that. The question is, is it correct? Is it ethical? The non-vegetarians argue by saying, these animals exist because they are food for us. Technically and logically perfect. But is it ethically correct?

Do we as humans have the right to slaughter an animal for food? An innocent animal who did us no harm? Yes, I am a vegetarian, I do not ask any non-vegetarian, to agree with me. These are my views alone.

But, do we as a human have the right to kill an insect or an animal for our joy/food/irritation/etc? Whether big or small? Do we not share the earth with them? Isn't god supposed to decide when we are to be born and when are we supposed to die? Shouldn't it be same for animals? Why then do us humans get to make the choice for the "inferior beings"?

It has been proven that animals, insects, birds, plants, all have feelings. What right to we have to make them feel inferior and helpless? What right do we have to kill them? It is right, that the food chain demands it.Should we then continue this slaughter? We as humans posses something that no other being does, "knowledge". Knowledge of what is correct and what is not. What should be done and what shouldn't.

We are superior beings because we have knowledge! But we have molded things according to how we would want them to be. We no longer co-exist with nature we consider ourselves above it. We no longer use this gift of knowledge to make things better, or for the greater good, it is now used for our benefit alone. The bigger picture does not matter anymore, what matters is how can we make things better for us. 

All said and done it is a shame that we still do not hinder from calling ourselves "Superior Beings."  

The views projected are mine alone, if you have anything to say about this, I would be happy to know.