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Saturday, 12 March 2011

..An incident..

While coming back from college we (me and Manali) found a dead puppy on the road, its face surrounded by its own pool of blood. It was lying dead in front of the new "katta" or hang out place called Golden Den, most likely hit by a vehicle. Must have been dead since one or half an hour and people were chatting and smoking at the "katta", obviously unaffected.

I got a torn polythene bag from the other side of the road, picked the puppy and kept it on the side. On doing so I started digging a hole to bury the poor little thing. In the meanwhile Akanksha (Jap) came and these 2 were watching me. Manali got salt to put on it. After I was finished the laborers on that side shouted from far and said:

"Isse yahan nahi gado wo wahan lejao jahan mitti padi hai, yahan kaam chal raha hai thakedar humme gussa karega"

I replied:  "Aap usse bol dena ki bachelog gad gaye hum kya karen"

He said: "Hum yahan par hi khana khate hain aur kaam karte hai isse idher nahi gado"

After that Manali and Jap tried to argue further but I said that it wasn't his fault either he is correct in saying what he did. So we took the puppy and buried it at the other spot. 

The incident made me think that what kind of a society are we living in really, 
1. A dead puppy lying immersed in its own blood does not bother us. In-spite of the fact that mostly people like to play with puppies as they are considered very cute.

2. Although guys are termed to be macho, etc etc. Yet while we were burying the animal (with the available tools which were stones), none of the 5-7 guys standing even bothered to ask, if we needed help.

3. What is the worth of human today? The laborer actually said that he eats food at the place where construction was going on, there was dust and garbage all around.

I wouldn't say that the incident changed my life but I would definitely say that it had a considerable impact on me.


  1. The word Humanity is as funny as the circus's clown..ppl can tok abt it buh can't practice it..buh um proud of u of wot u are and wot u act well done which no other human being would have me u were the chosen ONE...cuz ur the only one who cud do this..God Bless You..!!

  2. Yet I must thank Manali and Jap who were there with me.. Thank u :)

  3. Alish this whole world is full of cruelty,they are just good for nothing..I have been always proud of you, feel so good that I am your Massi..Love you

  4. The third point you made is very grave indeed
    the laborers who are already living in mud and stones talking as if they are the only civilized ones around
    Its a plain simple irony we live with..."what man has made of man!" is the exclamation

  5. Nobody cares dear because an animal's life does not matter for them.
    And what you said about playing with dogs is absolutely true when the dog is healthy , otherwise it is "yuck" for them.

  6. Even I saw it; I was reminded of the day when I had found a dead pigeon in my 10th grade and I had buried it in the school yard.
    Even I saw it, but this time, I did nothing.

    - Seema

  7. I am glad that you were the one. Trisha and I were sitting at that katta and having food, when this puppy, went under that red car which is usually parked in front of that building. who ever the driver was, picked up speed at the start itself, and rushed out, not even bothered that he trampled the puppy under the tyres of that car. Immediately blood flowed out, leaving the puppy scream in pain, and he died in few minutes. The other puppies, and dogs, surrounded it, and started licking its blood.
    I couldn't do anything, or rather i didn't do anything, as you must be knowing I have a phobia towards dogs, but the scene was indeed pityful. The 7 -8 boys sitting over there were playing with those puppies, even they didnt get up and do anything. Surprising, but this is how the world goes...