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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

I believe!

I saw him yesterday
I saw him in my dreams
He was right here
I tried to touch him
I wanted to strangle him.

He was the one who brought deception!
He was the one who brought division!

He looked me in the eye
Staring straight and deep
Knowing that I have caught him

Sigh! I hadn't
Because he rules
Because he deceives
Because he creates illusion.

He makes you sin
Makes you doubt!

He yet again went away
Just like the air or water or the flames
Just when I thought I had him.

But this too was his game
You see he deceived me in believing in him
In foolishly thinking that I had him
In naively trying to strangle him.

But that's okay.
You know why?
It is because I am aware
I may forget about it
I may astray
But my path is given
It is here
It is this


I believe!

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