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Thursday, 13 November 2014

When something is amiss!

When is something amiss? Is it when we are missing something or someone? Or is it the idea of having something or someone around so overwhelming that we feel something is amiss?

I have often felt something amiss in a situation it bothers me quite a lot. It feels like you know that something is not right but you can't seem to understand what. It's like you have a puzzle in your hand and you want to solve it but something is not right even though you seem to be having all the pieces something seems amiss.

It feels the most when you know that something is amiss yet nothing can be done about it. When you have to deal with whatever you have got. When mindlessly browsing facebook seems like the only option. Things just don't work like how you would want them to.

It is sometimes easy and sometimes difficult to even consciously realize that something is amiss but when this consciousness is achieved then it gets worse because affects even more. But sometimes it is in the midst of feeling amiss that the situation suddenly makes the most sense,

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