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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Hypocisy yet again...

Today morning while watching news which is a rarity in my case I got to know of something the various IPL (Indian Premier Leagues) imitations. And truly I was disgusted, because I experienced diplomacy / hypocrisy yet again.

As if IPL was not enough to divide us into states. We have now started state premiere leagues some of them being Jharkhand Premier League (JPL), Karnataka Premiere League (KPL), Orissa Premiere League(OPL), etc. Are we not ashamed of ourselves? Isn't this getting too much? Shouldn't we unite and talk about us as a country and not as states, religion, castes, colour, sex and many more.

We want to eradicate the division or bias from our system but we day by day keep adding more and more to the existing list. Is this EVER going to end? Will there be a day apart from winning the World Cup when we will unite as Indians?

In search of answers....

Harveen Narula 


  1. 1. No we are not ashamed of ourselves
    2. Yes it is getting too much
    3. Yes we should unite and talk about ourselves as 4. a country
    5. No, in case of cricket it will never end
    6. Yes there will be a day (apart from winning the world cup) when we will unite as Indians

  2. Is batch 2012 divided when put into M.C and C.M (assuming that it is united in other cases)?
    These divisions are only done to enhance the quality of cricket and emergence of new talent.

    Not an IPL fan, but this a fact.

  3. Thanks for your comments, Seema and Amit.. But I a local MLA said in a PTC that when the next IPL will be going on people of Orissa will be watching OPL as it is ours and not IPL... isn't it too much? Well still hoping for the best..