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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Inter-culture leads to new culture..??? true?? untrue??

Indian Culture..

Courtesy Prof Ramaa,  I now know many things related to our culture that I previously didn't and one of them is the concept of clothes in the Indian society.

Well I wold like to share my views with the example of Hariti.
Indian version of Hariti
Greek version of Hariti
Hariti is the goddess of protection of children. She has been followed since the Bactrians or from the time of Lord Buddha or the presence of Greeks (references given for better understanding of the reader). The sculptors which were made by the Greeks show Hariti in Hellenic clothes where the folds in the cloth can be distinctly identified. In contrast to her sculptor in Ajanta caves where she is shown to be wearing negligible clothes and a lot of jewelry. As shown in the images above..

On seeing this I asked my Professor if this was the case then why is the Indian society today so rigid about the concept of clothes and averse to nudity in comparison to the western countries. At this I was told that because of the Mughal invasion in India, this concept began, and is still being followed. Even today there are many tribes in India where both men and women wear clothes only to cover the lower genital parts of their body. Thus, proving  the above mentioned concept. 

It is in this way that inter-culture mingling leads to formation of new culture altogether. 

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  1. Nice ji.....
    I thought it was from old time that but i didn't knew that it was Mughals who bringed clothes on out bodies :p
    it was nice one :)
    keep going buddy!